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Hello, I am Kellie of Kellie's Kid Puller. 

Kellie's Kid Puller is a product specifically Designed and Made by me to assist in those difficult deliveries where the Kid/Lamb is malpositioned and/or other dystocia issues.

This product is currently being used by Breeders, Veterinarians and Veterinary Schools throughpout the US as well as abroad.

The Kellie's Kid Puller is very pliable and easy to use. It has a 5" handle for the User to hold when delivering the Kid/Lamb. This Puller has no sharp edges that could injure the Doe/Ewe or the Kid/Lamb.

The Cable used is a 1/16" Vinyl Coated Aircraft Cable to provide superb flexibility/pliability and a 480lb breaking strength for durability.

The Kellie's Kid Puller is Reusable/Resposable and it is recommended to wash with an Antibacterial soap and allowed to air dry after each use.

Effective March 1, 2020, the Kellie's Kid Puller is available in a Universal Breed Size only which should accommodate Both Small and Large Breed Goats and Ewes.

The previous Small and Large Breed Kellie's Kid Pullers will be discontinued as of February 29, 2020.

The Loop on this New Universal Breed Size Kellie's Kid Puller expands up to 24".

The Kellie's Kid Puller received Patent 10,470,860 B2 in Novemeber 2019.

Order your Kellie's Kid Puller today!

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