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Kellie's Kid Puller, LLC
Universal Size for Small and Large Breed Goats and Ewes
(1) = $17.00 plus $4.00 S&H in the USA
(2) = $34.00 plus $5.00 S&H in the USA
NOTE: When you click on BUY NOW, a new window will pop up and there is a (+/-) area next to the 1 where you can add addl: Kellie's Kid Pullers. Also be aware when you click on Pay Now through Paypal, check your address for correctness. It will go straight through without any confirmation, but you will receive an email receipt via POWR
(For Customers out of the Country, please Email me at
**Effective February 1, 2023, there was a price increase to $17.00 plus $4.00 S&H**

Click on this link to watch the NEWEST Educational Video of a Interview done between Westi of Twin Pear Farm and myself describing the proper use and care of the Kellie's Kid Puller

Click on this link to watch a Demonstration Video done via Facebook Live

Click on this link to watch the Kellie's Kid Puller being used during a live birth. Provided by Sara Koehn-Walberg of BlissBerry Dairy Goats
Warning- Graphic Video


Insert Card - Front

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Insert Card - Back

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Packaged for Shipping

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